What The???

Every time I try to draw, the drawing area on the screen goes black, and I can’t see anything i’m drawing/I already drew, until I stop drawing, at which point the screen returns to normal. What am I doing wrong?

There might be an issue with the video card.

Try updating your video card drivers.

If that does not help, try changing the renderer between OpenGL and Direct3D in the Rendering tab of the Preferences Dialog.

I just buy my new hp laptop and I face this problem
I talked with the Technical support in Hp website
they said your computer support this application requirement

I also do the thing that you asked us to do with display or renderer issue
but still have the same problem

any other solution

Make sure to restart the application after changing the rendering type in the preferences.

Oh man, thank you so much, this worked perfectly! I had to create an account just to thank you. :slight_smile: