What TBS 8.1 features require Mac OS 10.8?

The reason I ask is I just tried upgrading to 10.9.1 Mavericks (from 10.6.8 ) and it was a nightmare. Bottom line: After 5 days of having my computer be unusable I had to go back to 10.6.8. So was just wondering exactly what in TBS 8.1 requires 10.8? TBS seems to run quite well with 10.6.8.

FWIW it appears that Mavericks has major incompatibilities with a number of Macbook pro models, including mine, so think twice before upgrading. If you do upgrade be sure do a Time Machine backup first. I got random restarts, at least 30 of them in the 5 days I had Mavericks installed. Took it to the local “genius bar”, had hw diagnostics run, upgraded firmware, did a clean OS install (completely wiping the HD), uninstalled/reinstalled this and that, all to no avail. Large numbers of people reporting the same random restart problem but Apple does not acknowledge any problem.

You better contact Toon Boom support for your issue since the latest version of 8.1 works well with 10.9.1 here.