what tabletPC chose for TBS?

Hi everyone! (sorry for my english, i’m not very good)

I want to buy a tablet pc for my TBstoryboard. I read that TBS need a nvidia graphic card and openGL to be use correctly. The only tabletPC i found with this characteristic it this one: Hp TX2000


So it is a great choice? can i use correctly TBS on this TabletPC?
And if someone know this tablet can you tell me if the pressure as good as an intuos wacom?

I have an another question about the os. I bought TBS for winXP and this HP tabletPC runs with Vista!! So can i install my Xp version of TBS on this tablet PC?



that would be a sweet machine for TB if the graphics card is up to the task. I will keep watching to see if you get any replies on this.

thanks for your answers!

Can you tell me if i use vista (64bits) TBS will run well? or it wiil be uncompatible?



Shouldn’t be any incompatibility though there is currently no advantage in getting 64 bits OS for the software is not yet optimized to run on it. Though you might want to invest in some extra ram if you plan on running the software on Vista for the OS itself is taking a decent amount of memory which can’t be used by the Storyboard.



I have the HP2000 tablet pc and it works really well with Storyboard, except that it has issues when it wakes from hibernate mode it will occasionally crash. Then when I try to open the file again it will give a warning that the project is already open. Opening and saving immediately seems to fix the problem.

I have tried it on both the 64 bit w/4gig ram and 32 bit w/3gig ram versions of this tablet and it works fine (except for the hibernate problem).


If mobility isn’t an enormous issue, you will be WAY better off running a cintiq off a regular laptop because the express keys on the cintiq make a HUGE difference to the workflow…HUGE! Also, it’s really impossible to get good cleanups because the HP2000 is also a touchscreen. The glass is really thick and the Wacom pen calibration only works for the desktop. When you go into Storyboard the pen/cursor offset changes slightly, it’s really only useful for roughing. Also, the supplied pen is very small and light. It’s not something I could work 8 hours a day at.

Thanks for this useful info, PaulBoom!!