What style keyboard shortcuts do you use

Hey there Animate community! I was just curious what kind of keyboard shortcuts people out there prefer. I have a friend who’s been using TB products for awhile so he sticks with those, but I’m coming from 15 years of Adobe products so I use the Flash shortcuts. I noticed in the cut-out animation tutorial that the animator was using the TB shortcuts and I wondered how people felt about it and if anybody thought there was a particular benefit of one over the other.

I just use the TB Animate shortcuts. My reasoning is the following–I use Adobe Photoshop so I am familiar with Adobe shortcuts though I’ve never used Flash to do animation. I previously used Toon Boom Studio to animate and was very familiar with those shortcuts. But I figured I’d just go ahead and learn the Animate shortcuts since those are the ones that come with the program and I intend to use it for years and will upgrade as new versions come along. Eventually, I imagine, the alternative shortcuts will fade into oblivion as the software continues to progress with new features and shortcuts. So I might as well learn the standard ones now.

But it is strange that the TB manual and the tutorials on the TB website use the adobe shortcuts.

That’s funny Zeb, I actually was approaching it from the opposite direction. I figured since they were offering the Adobe style shortcuts that they would phase out the old TB ones (that I’m semi-familiar with from my brief encounters with the old TB Opus software). I just was wondering if a standard was developing among users - so far it seems to be 1 and 1!

I use the TB ones too, but i changed a few cause my favourite commands revolve around locking and unlocking layers

Adobe, because they’re in the tutorials.