What spec do i need

Hi what spec laptop or desktop do i need to run TB7. i have seen req but most lap/pc ive seen say shared graphics. any help Please.


“Shared Graphics” appears to be a code for graphic card integrated into the motherboard. Generally these integrated graphic cards are of lower quality and do not offer the best performance for animation software which can be quite demanding on graphic resources (think effects and multiple images that need to be displayed in succession.)

For the best results on PC, try to obtain a computer that uses an NVidia GeForce series graphic card in the mid- to high-end range. For Macs a comparable quality ATI card also works. ATI cards on Widows are not ideal because their drivers on PC do not have optimim performance for OpenGL which is used for display by TBS.

All this is not to say that other graphic cards will not work but rather that you will have better performance and avoid graphics related issues following the above suggestions.