What softwares are Professional animators using?

I recently watched a 2d animation from cartoon network. Its called Fantastic 4. I wonder what its made from. I am sure not toonboom. ITs more like 3D than 2D. I was wondering what software the most advanced animators use? Is it really toonboom softwares? ???

The answer depends on which studios and animators you are talking to and what types of projects they are doing. Toon Boom is used by many top animation professionals. Not Toon Boom Studio but other high end Toon Boom Animation Products. The introduction of Animate Pro will only increase that usage. As to your specific example, many cartoon shows like Spiderman and the Fantastic 4 are done using 3D software tools like Maya. They are animated in 3D which is very different from normal 2D animation. It looks like a cross between 3D and 2D because of the “toon shaders” that they use for rendering. -JK

I see! Maya eh? So thats what is used. Guess its a pretty good software then.
I guess this means toonboom is for simple 2D animations like simpsons right?

It takes a lot of drawings to be done in 2D than 3D. Right now I am animating in studio 4.5 my 2nd one. I posted something about it in this forum. It needs a lot of drawings especially in studio than in Animate.

I guess I will try toonboom for some months and then try Maya. I will share my works with you guys. http://youtube.com/vi00097