What software should be used for Newbie ? And where can I learn a basic of Toon Boom?

Hello, I’m just a newbie of 2d/3d animation film maker. I don’t know it all but i really really love to make my own film.
Can you tell me which software (Studio/Animate/Harmony,…) should I use? And are there any course to learn 2d animation?
Thank you so much!

Ok well we have harmony which is more or less the advance version of animate series and is more expensive than all of the toonboom products. Cut-out animation benefits mostly from harmony since there are always new tools being developed to make this type of animating not just easier but more functional in being creative in how you want to animate and rig your puppets ( cut-out characters) . They all do traditional type of 2d animating the same no change there really. so basically animate, animate pro1 to whatever number the series is at by now and harmony just have more advance tools harmony being the best. For a newbie if you want to advance in both types of animating learn harmony there are a lot of tutorials on the toonboom youtube page. not sure about studio tutorials but the basics are all the same. As i said before go with whichever you can afford and since your a noob towards the software try out the demos if you can get your hands on them I believe harmony 12 have a demo out. hope this was good enough help I have no idea what i was writing since this is all just off the top of my head.

please tell me a detail :frowning:

You can find a lot of tutorials on youtube and through toonboom harmony’s site, animating style is be considered cut-out or 2d styled digital traditional. Can’t really say which is best to use. Maybe which ever you can afford I guess.