What scanner works?

What scanner are you guys using?
My Cannon (CanoScan LiDe 210) doesn’t work at all with TB Animate and my Kodak ESP AiO keeps throwing up error messages. I can just about get it to work but it’s a pain.
All I want is to buy a nice little scanner that I know will scan black and white line drawings into Toon Boom Animate. My needs are very small (I think it must be the cold weather.) Do your needs shrink at this time of year?

Ha, thanks for the chuckle! Especially since it’s 86º outside at the moment. ;D

You may be on a pc, so I don’t know if this will be of any help, but I’m on a Mac and have a new Epson Stylus NX420 all-in-one scanner/copier/printer that seems to work fine with TB Animate. I got it a couple of months ago at my local Staples store for $50 . . . it normally sells for $90. After seeing mine, two other people have gone out and bought one for themselves. It’s also wireless, but can work with a USB cable if necessary. I’m more than happy with it.

Hi Guitartist,
Thanks for the reply and your Epson suggestion. Yes I’m on a PC running Windows 7. I shall resist dashing out and buying an Epson for a few more days and will wait to see what other folk come up with. (PS Had two goes at spelling your name - there’s an extra “t” in there somewhere. Very subtle)

Well now you really made my day. Hardly anyone ever notices that middle “t.” I came up with that because I play guitar and I’m an artist. As in “Guit-artist.” Or “Guitar-tist.” :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion Lily, but this just adds another layer of effort to animating - which is a labour and time intensive endeavour in any case.
I use a PC running Windows 7.
Surely there must be someone out there in Animate land who is successfully using a scanner with a PC on Win 7.? - if so what scanner are they using?
Guitartist suggested one but he is using a Mac so I’m loath to risk buying his recommendation when I use a PC. I foolishly bought the Cannon to solve the Kodak problem so have already had my fingers burnt once.

Hi Lily,
I have solved the problem by buying a very cheap (it was in a sale) new HP All-in-One Printer/scanner running Windows 7. I am delighted to say it works. It was a bit of a gamble but the machine was so cheap if it didn’t work (like my other two scanners) then I would give it to the nearest poor teenager. - well it would save them helping themselves to one in Tottenham London.

If you ever have had difficulty getting your scanner to work directly in the software, you can always scan in an outside application then import your drawings in. When you import you will have the option to vectorize using Black and White.


You shouldn’t have a problem using any scanner that supports TWAIN, which is pretty much any scanner on the market right now. If you have issues then feel free to email support@toonboom.com for further help.