What Projects are you Guys working on w/ Animate?

Hey! Just wondering how has Animate been treating you guys and your work? What kind of projects have you guys been working on with Animate software?

I am working on an episodic series based on Viking legend Eric the Red. I am currently Riggin Eric and soon after will be doing the same to the cast of about 8 main characters.

I am loving Animate 2 it is treating me quite well.

Sounds pretty epic. Has the rigging been tough?

Working on converting the rigging for a character from TBS5 to Animate 2. Strictly hobbyist stuff for a series on music lessons.

The riggin I have down packed already. It is always very tedious though.

I started on this project several years ago, with flash, so I have alot of Art for it, just have to convert everything to Animate.

I have actually seen samples of it(eric the red) in the cartoonsmart forum gallery. I didn’t know that was you :slight_smile:

Me, im working on occasional animations for my music, a webisode series (which I don’t want to say much about until I put a website up but basically comedy skits about a family of aliens on earth) and couple of other random projects.

Also maybe making more tutorials for animate.

There is an animation i did
I could of made it better, but with time constraints and wanting to just get on with other stuff i didn’t bother since it is more about the music than the art. I just needed a video to put it on youtube!

Should add im a hobbyist but i think everyone knows that.

working on signing in with my original user name >:( and
using Animate to make my short futuristic film, working on
visualization for the last 2 months, this involves completing
every first key frame including all environments, it’s looking
okay ! ;D

Oh god, I had forgotten that I put that up there :-[. That was one of the first drawings I did of the main characters. They have changed quite alot since. Also, the way I use to ink and paint everything has changed a bit too, but yes that was me. mibodega aka Matador.

I can’t wait to see some of the projects you have in the worx.


Whoa that looks awesome. Love the rendering, is that Anime or Manga style rendering?

Those forums were dead. I initially learnt buying some of his flash tutorials and doing the same thing in toonboom (so converting the tutorial lol). I just looked through the gallery because i always like looking at styles and stuff.

Leon that is a an awesome still :slight_smile:

@Raider :wink:

I think I can say that I have learned more from Cartoon solutions than anyone else. His tutorials are short and straight to the Topic. Plus I like his approach, sketching out the poses - cleanup , ect.

Yeah leon, Put up some more dude.

It’s just the style i draw in, not too cutesy and not too detailed,but
saying that i am a little worried that it look’s to detailed already!
Everything is rendered inside Animate except the sky which was made
in C4D ! I hate drawing sky’s ! :-[

yeah it is detailed.

Does it take much time to animate it?

First off I’ll say this is just a hobby for me…

So far I’ve made some animated birthday cards with it. You guys can check them out if you like. Just click on the various pics on the URL below.

The longest is a little over a minute, but most are under 30 seconds, so it’s not too much of your life to give up. Some of them are based on inside jokes or don’t 100% make sense because I didn’t think them through too well or more likely had to rush them at the last minute (deadlines for a project can move, birthdays don’t move).

I’ve learned quite a bit from working through these and for the most part they’ve been fun to do. I’m a lot faster now since I draw more often than when I had started and I’m also pretty familiar with getting around Animate.

This year I’m trying to transition to making some short animations (5-15 mins) in my free time. I have something in mind now, but it’s still really early on with some random storyboard sketches lying around and some tests in Animate 2. Still, everything could change, so I won’t bother going into details.

If I do make an animation it will probably be along the lines of those old MGM or Warner Bros cartoons from the 30’s-50’s, although I’d also like to do something with a lot of action too. :slight_smile:

oh yes, it will ! In no rush, will do 7 seconds here 10 seconds there
and see how it goes, has to fit round my life !

That is why as much as i would love to do detailled stuff I am doing simple stuff that i know i can produce fast if i need too.

wow Leon, that is very nice!



That is some awesome work! Do you have a website set up or any more work to show as of this point? Would like to see it - you got some mad skills!