What is this feature called, and how do I use it?

Hey guys, so I’m recreating Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty, however, I’m really trying to get the following results:

Two things I’d REALLY like to have in my project that he uses in this: being able to turn the character, and being able to change the facial features as he did, instantly.

I’d REALLY appreciate any help you guys can give me!

Think what you want is drawing substitutions which you can learn about here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVlC5Wk2S08 . I think he also uses shortcut keys which is why it looks instant.

Thanks a bunch!

Now how does he turn the character?

Unfortunately turning a character isn’t a feature. When you’re building a character rig, you need to include enough drawing substitutions for each view.

This is my system to create a head that turns 180 degrees. Rick’s design is a bit simpler So you can try doing drawing substitutions for each view, or something pre-animated like my version.

There’s no quick answer. You just have to front-end the work. :confused: