What is the TBSP Policy Regarding "Not Consecutively" Upgrades?

Hi. I’m planning to buy a Toon Boom Storyboard Pro full license taking advantage of the current offer (which expires today, BTW) but I wanted to be sure about this precise aspect before, so…

Could someone tell me how TB manages this upgrade situations, I mean, if I skip one or two new versions (lets say in the future I want to upgrade from “version 4” to “version 6 or 7”, for example), will I need to buy a complete new licence then and pay the FULL PRICE for it or I’ll be able to go directly from “version 4” to “version 7” by paying the lower UPGRADE PRICE?

Well, that’s basically all, I know every company has it’s own policy on this regards and it’s quite important to me to have an idea about it beforehand, for better administration.

Thanks in advance for any help and greetings!

Hi Ramon0

i think it’s safe to say the the guys and gals at TB are always doing deals and if you talk to them i have always found them to be very fair about upgrades.

No idea what the official policy is, just that they are always ‘fair’ :smiley:

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Hey! Thank you for answer :), that’s what I deduced for another thread regarding this I just found:


So it seems that’s the way to deal with this kind of matters and it’s good to know you can expect some comprehending around it, mainly because… well, money is important, and as soon as you start having to maintain several programs, I think you have to take into account (or rather, under control) this kind of aspects. BTW, thanks to the aforementioned offer/sale I’m now a happy Storyboard Pro 4 owner and I’m loving it! :smiley: