What is the shortcut to get out of the brush & pencil sub options?

For example after I draw a line with the pencil and try to do something like use Auto Adjust Thickness and then switch back to the pencil by pressing the Select button the draw mode is still stuck on whatever sub option I chose.
I have to go back and forth a bit until it releases that option so I can continue drawing.

What am I doing wrong? I know I can just go back and hit the Auto Adjust Thickness button again to release it but I was thinking there should be a short cut for this

No, there is no shortcut for this. You need to go back and toggle the option off in the “Tool Properties” window.

And by the way,

how could you add some shortcuts to instructions who are not in the list; I’m thinking of ‘send/add dwg to dwg view’, for exemple.

  • Marie

I don’t think you can do that currently as these commands are not listed under the Xsheet shortcut possibilities in the preferences. Also they renamed the feature “send/add for Desk”; replacing the words “Drawing View” for “Desk” in V11.