What is the proper way to add Multiple effects?

In Animate Non Pro, what is the proper way to add multiple effects? Let’s say I added a glow then I want to add a blur as well. Does one need to parent the other or does it matter?

Or do I have to have a matte for each one individually? not that the blur needs a matter but you know what I mean.

yes each effect will need it’s own matte.

Parenting is the way to go. You will also find the order important. The parent effect happens after the child. It will “automatically” parent just by adding the layers in the right place. So I would focus on just putting the layers in the right place rather than thinking parent child (although your right that is what happens).

EG if you have a glow and want to blur after adding the glow you want the blur to be parent.

Wow, I guess I got lucky, cause I made the glow Parent and it worked fine. I’m sure down the line it will not. Thanks, atleast now I know what is the correct way of doing it. Toonboom needs to put you on their payroll Raider. 8)

I wish! I would love that.

You didn’t get lucky as you put it.

You just decieded to blur before adding glow :slight_smile: Try switching it around and see if it looks any different out of interest. To me logically in my head it makes more sense to glow before blurring but I can think of situations blurring then glowing could be interesting.

I stand corrected, I think I did initially do it that way but I did switch around at some point. It is in that first clip from the Starwars short. Thanks again!