what is the optimal format for exporitng frames from Harmony


me and my partners have finished a pilot for kid tv serial.
You can see the trailer here: https://vimeo.com/164206850

So far we have been rendering half res (960X540) png frames to combine them in Adobe Premier.

If I render Tiff it will take about 20 times or more space then png.

I wonder if there is more optimal format for rendering frames for broadcast on TV.
Or is it OK to use png for final look?

That is very well done.

Beautiful work! I would just use PNG at full resolution, that should do well.

You should work with your scene’s full resolution. You can make lower res versions from your master later, but you can’t make HD (or 4K, etc.) versions if you’re working with half HD res, without loosing quality. If the editing project is heavy you can work with lower res using “proxies” on Premiere, then replace the shots with the full res ones before exporting the final edit.

There are processes to make lower res versions of your exports but Harmony allows you to do it directly, because you can export from different Write modules. By using a Scale-Output module before a Write module you can set up your scene to export different resolutions with a single render.

Luis Canau

nice work on that! wild colors, wow! that’d hold my attention, kid or old man i am today!

i JUST watched roger rabbit recently on blu ray, the end of your pilot with all the dancing critters reminds me a lot of crazy ToonTown from that movie. a lot of effort here, thanks for sharing!