What is the difference between Harmony Essentials and Harmony Stage Essentials?

Hey. I am really new to this software, and all the tutorial I see online have “Harmony Stage Essentials” or “Stage Essentials” as the software. However, my Toon Boom software only says “Harmony Essentials”. I’ve been told that Stage is the standalone version of Harmony, but that does not make sense to me.

As of Harmony 12.2 “Stage” is no longer being used to refer to the all-encompassing form of Harmony. There was Stage Standalone and Stage Network. There were modules for specific tasks as well (i.e. Harmony Draw, Harmony Paint, Harmony Scan, Harmony Sketch, etc.). Now there is just H. Server, H. Paint and what was once “Stage” which is now just referred to by the particular level of Harmony being used.

Stage Application Renamed

The Stage application is now called Harmony Premium, Harmony Advanced and Harmony Essentials.

Harmony 12.2 Release Notes: