What is the best way to tweak lipsync profesionaly?

Hey! I’m having slight problems with my lip sync. For example I want to add the “L” and the “Th” sound shapes, but I’m afraid that if I add them to the exposure sheet along with the other 8 default mouth shapes, that the software will not recognize them. Is there also a way to morph mouth shapes between frames as in toon boom animate pro and such, so they look smoother?
Thanks! ???

You can add however many mouth shapes you want, but the Auto-Detect Lip sync and Map Lip sync will only automatically map those default shapes. At that point, you can then go to the places where you want to swap your extra shapes that you’ve already drawn (L, Th) and swap them in - although the software doesn’t recognise them for the mapping process, the drawings are still saved and can be swapped in later.

There’s no morphing tool in Studio, only in Animate.