What is the best way to make Clipping mask like Photoshop?

Hello. I am using Animate Pro.
Right now I am trying to make Clipping mask that Photoshop has.

I draw a character which has 3 colors, skin , shirts and jeans colors.
And I want to add highlight and shadow onto skin color.
I want to manage base(it is the layer that has 3 base colors) ,highlight and shadow color layers separately.
So I want to make a clipping mask to clips and shows high light and shadow layers only onto skin color.

What do you think is the best way to make the mask? Right now I am using Color override module and Cutter module.
I connect Color override module to base layer and set Alpha Override to Shirts and Jeans Colors and hide both colors, (at this point, this base layer only shows skin color) and connect it to Cutter module and connect it with shadow and high light layers. It works like a clipping mask, but if you know a better way, please tell me.

yeah I know Tone and Highlight modules, but I don’t want to use it because if I use them I can’t turn anti-aliasing off, and it only gives me limited color tones.

Hi slintest

There is the Tone and Highlight modules. To use both at the same time attach one to the other on the right port. Drawing on top module right port and drawings- as-mattes on the left ports.

Best regards


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