What is new in TB 7 ?

I own TB 6 and am curious to know besides the weather effects what else is new? There seems to be a better bone system or is it the same as in 6?


I am also curious about this. I do all cut otu animation of photographs. Is the support still in there for that? Did anything change?

I was thinking about upgrading to Animate or pro but since these don’t have the support for my type of animations I can’t. Want to make sure TBS 7 didn’t do away with that as well.

Some of the new features are the Robo Skeleton and the environmental particle effects. For a list of the new features: http://beta.toonboom.com/home-users/toon-boom-studio/features

Is their a way to fade or dissolve different levels in the timeline using Properties or Function Editor?


You can do this with a color transform effect.

Drop the element you wish to fade-out onto a color transform element. Make two keyframes for the color transform element. Using the Properties window, move the “Alpha” slider 100% (1) on one keyframe and to 0 on the other keyframe.

@Dunkman66: We have not reduced the features for cut-out animation of Photographs - but we have improved the tools to make animating and rigging your cut-out puppet better and easier.


Is there a specific example somewhere? I would like to upgrade but am leary still. Don’t want to miss the upgrade special.

SO I watched the video at the above link. Looks like puppets are easier to control. The weather effects look cool.

One of the things that took me the longest time to get the hang of was switching back and forth from the drawing view to the stage and keeping the parts of my puppet in proportion and in the correct location.

I am particularly interested in the Drawing of bones in the Drawing view. Does this mean that each drawing gets put into one of those boxes and you simply drag it to the torso or parent to connect?

What about faces with many drawn bits that need to be put onto the head which in turn has a bone and is attached to the puppet. I have always had trouble with these. In particular if I want to go back after initially building the puppet and change the eyes or draw a new expresion… I often have the new set of eyes either appear in some strange location when I get to the stage or they are way too big or too small.

Does the new studio 7 do anything to imporve this? Can you be specific.

Also the weather effects looked kind of canned… what kind of control do you have over them? For instance can you change the colors of the rain to make it look like exploding milk? Can you change the shape of the drops? Can you change the frequency of the drops to look more like a drizzle or a deluge?

The smoke of the volcanoe was neat but I would probably use it to make WWII looking buildings/Tanks burning in my production. Can that be achieved with that effect? Can the Flames look more like flames?

The bone tools is for the cut out animation that it gives you the option to deform the drawing, bitmap, texture by implementing bones instead of cutting them manually and manipulate individually like puppet. It is basically implant the bone on one drawing to bend to animate. It basically gives you a easier access for the cut out animation. For the particle, all the drawings can be replaced by your own drawing. Then the calculation is done by changing the parameter of each effect in volume, number and in the area.