what is a St9exception?

Hi, i am trying to export from animate pro2 , and in some export it shows the error:

The following errors ocurred:
-export to…/users/…filename

-could not complete the operation

any idea of the St9exception?



Do you have a specific pattern in which you can reproduce this (or specific projects?)

This looks to me like the software ran out of memory when it was doing the render. What is the resolution of your scene are are you using bitmaps that are bigger then your scene resolution (for pans and zooms)?

Let us know more detail on the situation so we can provide you further assistance.

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This happened to me when I tried to export a short sequence (only about 300 frames) to .mp4. I had a high res image as the BG and the only effect used was the shadow effect. I shut Animate Pro 2 down, restarted my computer, tried it again and it worked fine the second time.

ok, you can reproduct it easy, its something with h264 too,( in animate pro 2):

scene settings: size film 1.33
settings compresion type h264
framerate current
keyframes automatic -it does not allow to set 24, as the test sys-
frame reordering:enabled
optimized for cd/dvd

export to: HD 1920x1080 16:9, preserve using letterbox.

It happens in all scenes when I use this settings.

I think I am not using bitmaps bigger than the scene resolutions.

export: all

the error is displayed always when changing from frame 1 to frame 2 in the export…

thanks a lot


Which version of Quicktime is currently installed on your machine. I think the issue is related to the automatic keyframing though on my side I do get access to set it to the All option which does allow the rendering of scenes to movie.

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If I try to set to 24 a TB message appears that 24 is not allowed.

the quicktime version of quicktime 7 pro that I am using is:
quicktime player 0 7.6.6 (1632)
quicktime version 7.6.6 (1674)



Did you try to set the keyframing to All rather then set it to 24?



yes, thank you ;D


I am having the same problem, or a very similar one.
I try to export in H264 (on Mac) and Animate2 (regular, not pro) won’t let me.
I, too, get the “St9exeption - could not complete operation” message.
This happens even if I try to export just a few hundred frames.

My settings are for ‘all’ frames. It is a 1920x1080 size.
The film contains some effects, no bitmaps.
And I have QuickTime pro.

What am I doing wrong, and how can I make it export?

thank you,

Yes, selecting ‘All’ worked.
I was afraid that selecting that would end in a heavier file than with the automatic setting, but to my surprise weight vs. quality was very good.

Solved! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Just to clarify, when you do the export, when you click on the “Movie Options” button, then under Video Settings you click Settings, you get to the dialog where you can choose the compression. Under Keyframe: you need to select All.

This is where the St9Exception error comes from. I would be very surprised if you got this error when you had this option selected.

If you do indeed have Keyframe: All, and you still get this error, then you should email support@toonboom.com to debug what your particular issue could possibly be.


Great! I’m glad it worked.