What is a Character Setup Artist in toon boom harmony???

I was reading online a person profile:

Character Setup Artist in harmony?
also a setup artist in harmony??
this is creating puppets (characters, props) in harmony?

if I am correct:
somebody that have any experience working in a studio, or freelance?
that can comments about the job position and responsabilities?
what a good rig in harmony is? for a studio workflow?

where I can learn it? any tutorials? advanced?


thanks Loong !

I will check out the tutorials!


Character Animation

Learn how to animate a cut-out character in a production context using Curve deformers, keyframes and masking. Expert Gerco Erdal Ay, cut-out animator at Bee and Bird studio, guides you through each step of this easy-to-follow tutorial.

Video Tutorials

  1. Character Animation — 12m

other Video Tutorials

thanks strongspear!

I want to find advanced tutoriasl, to be a build artist…

and advanced rigging tutorials too

Setup involves setting up a scene for the animator. All elements; background, character builds, prop builds, etc. are already made and are placed, scaled to correct size , i.e: set up, in the camera view by the set up artist based on the animatic( The storyboard timed in a movie file). Ready to be animated by the animator.
Creating the character and props in Harmony is the job of the build artist, who bases the builds on provided designs.