What is a breakdown drawing?

I just installed Animate today. Can someone please explain the concept of breakdown drawings?


In traditional animation, a breackdown drawing is an inbetwween that requires a special interpretation. That means, it does not have to be drawn exactly in the middle of two key drawings but it has to be drawn a bit like a key drawing… I hope that’s understandable?
But may be that in Animate the meaning is different. I didn’t see that yet.

Thanks – This makes sense :slight_smile:

This is from one of the animate pro elearning/templates pdf files…

Key Poses
A key is one of the main poses in an action or movement. For example, if a sitting character is falling on his back, the sitting position would be the first key pose and the final position where the character is on his back would be the second key pose.

Breakdown Poses
A breakdown is a pose between two keys. These are important because they describe rotation trajectories, timing eases, elbow bending, etc.

In-between Poses
The in-betweens are the poses used to fill-in between the key poses and breakdown poses. These are the extra drawings used to make the animation smooth.