What if my computer breaks?

I hope this question isn’t dumb, but I’ve been very curious about how I could use my purchased Toon Boom software on another computer, in the event of a hard drive failure or if my computer were to literally break one day. I’m aware that you have to return the license of your current product if you intend to make that transition, but if my current computer dies or stops working, for whatever the reason, could I simply re-download the installer for the product I purchased on the website, onto a new computer, or will I encounter problems, because of the license?

That is indeed the Achille’s heel with respect to this licensing model.

I have no doubt that you would be unable to simply download, install, and activate TB on a new computer or HD after a HD failure because (through no fault of your own) you never returned your license. I’m sure, however, that contacting TB support to explain the issue would get you back in business. Everyone knows that these things happen.

Ah, thank you. I suppose contacting the company and explaining my situation would my best option, in that scenario. I wonder if it would be the same if I were making a transition from a Mac to a PC. Do you think I would come across any issues if I were downloading, say, the PC installer for the first time (if I hadn’t returned the license for the Mac version of the product)?

No it would not be the same thing at all since switching between the O.S. gives you the option of returning the license from one and then activating it again on the other O.S.

To return the license you would open the License Wizard from the License Tools folder of the program and hit the buttons:
Manage License
Manage Local License
select it and hit the “Return” button.

On the new system that you just installed on, activate the license as normal.