What I see is not what I render...help!

Hey there,

I’m trying to finish a project and I’m still quiet amateur with Toon Boom Pro.
Whenever I render this music video I’m making it continues to slow down a very specific part of the video and therefore throws off everything.

I’ve gone in and adjusted it multiple times today and then once I go to render it still messes up at that very same spot.

Why is this happening? Are there some other errors at that spot that I don’t know how to look for!?

Your help is greatly appreciated


What type of render was it and how are you viewing it?
Normally a rendered movie will advance at the playback rate.
Depending on the resources available to your system, it may drop frames but I’m not aware of anything that could make the video slow down.

If you are watching the playback in Animate itself, let it run through once to load the images in memory and on subsequent playthroughs it should approach the normal playback speed (again also depending on the resources available to your system). It may be better in such a case to select a sub-section of your project rather than the entire project if it’s crucial to have
exact real-time playback.