What i need

I need a step by step guide on doing a full length animation. From how to create, peg, and save each character to save and reuse. Basically i need a dummies guide. I know nothing and need a hand holder. ???
Anything out there or an instruction manual? the lessons just introduce me to the program not animation.


You might want to check JK’s article for he did some that covers animating in Toon Boom Studio from the very start:


Else then that you can always get the tutorials of Toon Boom Studio at the following link:


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Just my opinions…

Get a copy of the Animator’s Survivial Kit By Richard Williams. All of the info in this book can be applied to TBS.

Next, like Ugo said, visit JK’s web sites – lots of good useful info there, helped me out many times!

Remember the father from Contact? “Little Steps.” I found that if I broke things down into little bits, and just worked on them as exercises, my frustration level went down and my excitement and happiness went way up.

It may be helpful to do a few ‘shorts’ - a few minutes to ten minutes of animation just to get your feet wet and to figure out what work flow works best with you.

There’s a book I picked up named “Storytelling though Animation” published by Charles River Media that I found to be helpful with doing the story part of animation.

One final thing, asking questions is the best way to start – just narrow your questions down a bit and don’t be afraid to experiment. Every wrong turn brings you closer to the correct path.