What have I just bought? Stage Essentials?

So my first post in here and I’m gonna come off like a total noob (which I am).

So after investigating 2D animators I found Toon Boom. Then I see it’s changed to Harmony. I’ve just downloaded what I thought was Harmony essentials. But the only icon I have to open is one called Stage essentials?? Most of the tutorials I have found refer to animate and studio etc. I’m getting confused. Can anyone tell me what I have done and if I have the right thing on my computer.

Do I need to download something else?

If anyone speaks Noob and can help with my confusion I would be much appreciative.

Regards Mike.

Hello, just checking that you were able to find the “Getting Started” pdf, which is is the Documentation folder of your install-?
Thank you for wording your question so specifically you helped me identify the app.

You have the correct file. Stage is the standalone form of Harmony. Essentials is the 1st of three levels of Harmony 12.

There are significant changes in Harmony 12 potentially making previous source material obsolete. Harmony 12 is new and sorely lacking in tutorials and supportive information at this time. Material is just beginning to show up. Google “Jon Taylor Toon Boom” and “Manamations Toon Boom” for some videos.

Thanks for your reply and thanks for the video tips. Some of the videos I have found have been too fast and skip a lot of that stuff that absolute beginners need to know. Slowly piecing the puzzle together though.

Kind Regards