What hardware to buy daughter?

Hello, my daughter is about to turn 17 and is a wonderful anime artist. She wants to start learning how to animate and it seems Toon Boom is the best software. My question is: what is good but affordable hardware to use? We don’t have a big budget. I was hoping to do it all on a tablet or laptop like Surface Pro (so don’t have to buy laptop and drawing tablet) but they don’t seem to have the right graphics card.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Matt



Try asking this question in Toon Boom’s Discord. There is more activity there than here. Good luck!



Children as young as two can learn to use a PC. Here’s what to expect at … Don’t consider buying a child this age their own computer.


I’d personally recommend a gaming laptop in the 500 dollar range for animation. It is definitely not cheap but it’s not bad for a good computer. If that’s not within your price range I’d recommend getting a pc with an at least good processor. If you go into a store like staples you can ask someone there and they should be able to direct you to a good, affordable pc.

As for the program I do think it’s a fantastic option for animation and although something like Adobe animate is cheaper it’s honestly not as good (though this is very subjective and depends on what you’d like to create. I’d say for Anime ToonBoom is a good option) sorry if this is a bit of a late reply.

Btw I think it’s really awesome of you to support your daughter’s passion for art, good on ya.

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you can but any hardware with good configuration

I have also same issue..

Very good idea. My son also interested in it. I will be highly glad if someone guide me here. LOL!