What happens if I don't pay the Perpetual License's annual fee?

I own the perpetual license for Toon Boom Harmony: Essentials. However, I’d like to know what would happen if I didn’t pay the annual fee involved. Would I just not get updates or…?

The perpetual license is yours forever. You purchased it with a one time payment and there is no annual (recurring) fee. You are entitled to any updates released before the next version upgrade. Once a version upgrade is released, Toon Boom does not typically create updates to previous versions however you would continue to be eligible for them if they did.

If you can afford it is good to have a silver support then you can get all updates, even with new version within this cost.
Of course you dont know which updates will come within a year.

Definitely the most cost effective approach is investing in a Silver Support plan so you get the extra coverage if you need it but most importantly you get the next version at the best price.

Cynicism coming: Updates on the other hand have been few (one perhaps two) and worse yet is when the upgrade was 75% updates correcting bugs which should have been part of the previous version’s updates and not sold to you as the new version.