What happened???...

When I export my animation out as AVI it looks really jagged and horrible.
This was never the case before. I’m exporting it out with no compression and the best settings.

-Exported fine as AVI last time used on Oct 28.
-Export suddenly went crappy next time I used it on Nov 14

What happened? I’m using TBS 3.5 with windows XP on a computer only I use, with no internet access, and I never did anything different or changed any settings on my hardware. I have tried exporting the same file out as a Quicktime mov and it seems way better. But I like having all the options available to me.

Anybody know what happened and how I could fix it?


Have you tried to open the file in Windows Media Player. I noticed sometimes the AVI format comes in much better when read in WMP instead of Quicktime.