What happened to Toon Boom Enews?


I used to regularly get eNews, webseminar, sales offers, Tip of the Week etc from Toon Boom by email.
Since June 2016 I never heard from Toon Boom again. I contacted Toon Boom about this and they said they’d look into this.
A friend of mine who has various Toon Boom products just said that he hasn’t received anything for ages either.

Did Toon Boom just stop sending out newsletter updates in general?

Hi Eljay76,

That is a great question, can you please confirm if you have the options enabled to receive notifications by us.

See image at:


Best Regards,

Technical Support Specialist
Toon Boom Animation

Hi Edgar,

yes, I still have the newsletter(the box is checked) subscribed and was getting notifications since August 2009
and suddenly around June 2016 they completely stopped.