What happened to the Animate Pro tutorials?

I was almost finished with the Animate Pro tutorials (with the karate rabbit) but now most of them have disappeared. There is a general link for the Animate Pro tutorials but it goes to a “members only” area which I cannot access.

I have purchased Harmony 12 instead of Animate but the Animate tutorials are still relevant and I am now trying to check the tutorials as I build my characters.

Please make the karate rabbit tutorials available again!

Try here:

Click on the blue topics to see videos.

Also check out Toon Boom’s YouTube channel because that’s where I used to watch the Karate Rabbit vids at a higher res.

Thanks for the tip - I had to like around on youtube a little but I did eventually find the tuturial sequence here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL542AD09C3F41CAB0

There are 115 videos in this sequence. Somehow Toon Boom have “lost” the greater part of this tutorial and on their website https://www.toonboom.com/resources/video-tutorials/toon-boom-animate these tutorial videos are muddled up with other Animate tutorials, out of sequence and incomplete.

A dog’s breakfast in fact.

I am very grateful for your advice - it means I can work this weekend. I also emailed support but received a completely unhelpful response.

Thanks again


I think the reason some are gone is because they’ve changed some of the videos. I noticed that the new tutes have a slightly different open rig method than the old tutes. I like using drawings as pegs but they don’t recommend doing that anymore.

Thanks for putting that link up, that’s going to come in handy. At least on YouTube you can watch 'em nice and big! :slight_smile:

Honestly, I was tearing my hair out… I really don’t think they know what they are doing - but I guess that they are beginning the switch away form Animate to Harmony and, as you say, replacing bits of the tutorials. But what is there now is impossible to navigate - they are all out of order; some are by different people using different examples and some are missing altogether.

I wish they had a proper user manual. Its a bit “amateur hour” compared to other software vendors in the film space. Still, I think its a sophisticated solution and I hope I will get used to it eventually!

Thanks again for pointing me to the youtube videos…