What happened to PLE license?

Hi, I remember there was animate pro to free use on PLE license to educational use. What happened with that? I dont see any information bout it on your website. Did u decide to stop supporting that option?

Thanks for fast answer.

Hi Dominik

They seems to still be there
Trial Page:


education trial:


Not really sure what is the difference. Maybe you need to be eligible for it.

What happened to your license?


Hi Ivaar, thanks for reply. I couldnt find that, maybe because of that trial name instead of PLE. My license is fine I was juz looking for it for some friend of mine :slight_smile:

Hi! I’m probably posting this in the wrong place but I seem to have lost my educational license for ANIMATE (luckily i managed to burn a copy of the installer but i can’t remember how i even got my key; it’s not in my email). I needed to reinstall Windows along with all programs. Is there any way to obtain my key again?


Same problem here - working with a clean install of Mac OS and can’t open to the software without entering a license key, no idea where my original key came from!

Can someone please help me with how to generate TOON BOOM Animate Pro 2 PLE ? Ive been struggling with it for days. My email is robertgrayson16@gmail.com. Thanks