What happened to Pencil Check Pro?

Has Pencil Check Pro been fazed out from all the Toonboom lineup? There seems to be no mention of it anymore in any of the product descriptions. I’m only interested in PCP for the optical peg-hole registration feature. Does anyone know if this will simply be incorporated into the scan / import image options of future animation packages? Or has support for paper animation been completely abandoned in light of the new bitmap drawing capabilities of Harmony 11?

Luckily I just bought a license of PCP a few days before it vanished from the products list, but I’m concerned about its continued support when newer versions of the animation packages eventually come out. Also will it run reliably on OSX Yosemite?

I don’t know if you got their e-mail announcing the new website, but in it they made this statement:

“You may notice that we are no longer offering certain products and apps. Rest assured that, if you are a customer who has purchased one of these products, we will continue to support them.”

I noticed that Storyboard (standard) no longer seems to be offered also.

Oh, I don’t think i got that email. Must have gone strait to junk. Thanks for pointing that out!!

I’m in the same boat. Looks like I’ll have to look for a pencil check software from another brand. Such a waste of money.

OpenToonz offers pretty much the identical (and more) features as Pencil Check Pro, for free. GTS can be used for batch scanning and conversion.