What graphics tablet do you use?

I want to buy one and so am just intrigued to know what graphic tablets people use please. Thanks

I use a Wacom Cintiq 12WX but it is rather small for animating in Animate or Harmony. I use it mainly for drawing. For animating I use my mouse and 23" monitor. So I would suggest either an Intuos (I used an Intuos2 for many years and it was great) or, if you can afford it, a larger model Cintiq.

The Intuos is great as you can animate and draw using your monitor to observe what you are doing and is much less expensive. But if you have the dough, the very best would be one of the two larger model Cintiqs. I have no experience with the Bamboo tablets. But I’d rate them as follows from best to good.

1. Cintiq 24HD
2. Cintiq 21UX
3. Intuos4 - Medium or larger
4. Bamboo?

First of all, it’s best to stick with the Wacom brand, as implied in the previous replies. I’ve used an Intuos 2 for over a decade and I have no complaints. Personally, I prefer the 6x8, which Wacom says is their most popular size.

Needing a second tablet I recently purchased an Intuos 4 and hated it so much that I sold it and replaced it with an Intuos 3, which I love. The main problem I had with the Intuos 4 is that the nibs wear down extremely fast! Within a matter of a few days I was brushing fine powder off of my tablet and noticed that the nib was already being ground down. You will need to replace them rather frequently. I have never replaced the nib on my Intuos 2 or 3.

If you are on a budget, the Bamboo is certainly worth a try. A friend of mine got one when they first came out and she loves hers.

Currently, I am using a Intuos 4 Medium. I am in the process of building a DIY Cintiq (waiting for the enclosure to arrive from tabletmod.com). I plan on getting a Intuos 4 Large to take advantage of the monitor space(the medium will work on it, just will be a smaller space to draw on).

I use an Intuos4 - Medium.

I have previously used an Intuos3- Medium and I loved the feeling of drawing on it. I’d recommend you pick up an Intuos3 second hand rather than a Bamboo.


Intuos4 large. It’s my first tablet and I have found it pretty easy to get used to.

Hi i want to buy tablet i need recommedation which one is best for drawing if any one have idea share me thank you

I think this thread pretty well covers what people recommend. I believe this topic has been covered before so you can do a search here on the forum and might come up with more info.

I use my ipad i turned my ipad into a tablet so if you have a ipad you can use it and login ignition for a tablet for drawing on tbs

Did he/you try with ToonBoom products? Only the Wacom are tested and supported. Do you get the pressure sensitivity with Animate/Harmony families?

From that drawing it looks as though there is pressure sensitivity so it seems to work but your friend is better judge as how well it reacts while drawing. If the feeling is as good as a Cintiq, if it’s reliable and service is good it could an option.

Hmm interesting with the iPad - we haven’t tested that, but I’m guessing you get no pressure sensitiviity.