What fonts do I need to use in order to export superscript, subscript and italics successfully via PDF?

using Arial font in the body right now, and I can’t export superscripts, subscripts and italics when creating a PDF.

Instead, I have to go back in by hand and change them manually each time a new export is created. Can anyone help me with this please?

Where specifically are you trying to use superscripts, subscripts and italics?

I’m trying to export them from my storyboard inside the copy (Action Notes, Dialogue, Onscreen Text, Interaction, etc) into a PDF. The formatting simply doesn’t port over when exporting to PDF.

We’re using the Arial.ttf. Also, symbols like ≥ export as ‘?’.

Are there any fixes to this?

any ideas? sorry for prompting for an answer. I feel like I must be missing something basic, since this is a pretty general use case.

You can have italics by going into the PDF profile and on the “Captions”
tab unchecking “Output Caption in Plain Text”. For superscript and subscripts,
this appears to not currently be possible.

Please contact support@toonboom.com so that we can open a support ticket.
Ideally we would like to have a copy of your project so that we can pass it to
our QA team for analysis.