What Features DO u want in 5.0?

We all know toonboom is a pretty sweet animation program but what things would u not mind seeing added to version 5.0 of toonboom? Me personally

1.) Better selecting and manipulation tools
2.) Preloaded Texture Brushes like in digital Pro (they feel more like pencil)
3.) Fix some glitches with fill bucket tool- sometimes it wont fill unless u play around with the zoom
4.) Separation of line and color like in digital pro but for toonboom as well
5.) Ability to change line properties to an entire row of drawings instead of doing it one drawing at a time if u decide to change line thickness

Im interesting to know what u guys may want

Color imports on vector drawings. I don’t know how it would be acomplished so that it would ignore only the wite of the paper, but that’d be cool. I don’t know, maybe it’s a stupid idea.

I’d like to see scripts and templates. TBS is too labor intensive at times. Why not just have a “cut-out character 16 piece” template? How about a “walking towards you” animation script? Yes, I realize you can make them yourself after a fashion, but it’s cumbersome.