What Editing Software Do You Recommend For Toon Boom?

Hi. I’ve been using Toon Boom Harmony to make animations on YouTube, and I was wondering if there’s any specific editing software you recommend a Harmony user to use for animations. Say I wanted to make an intro and/or outro for every animation I make, using the same ones every time. Or if I wanted to cut a certain part in the video. Are there any editing softwares you recommend? Thanks :slight_smile:

I just recently updated to the 1.0.7 which fixed an issue where my toughram wouldn’t even sync with the RGB plus software and it worked great for a whole week, then the app started to hang up same as the OP. I reinstalled it and this did not fix the issue.

I saw someone mention that maybe there was an issue with the RBG plus software version not being right, so I looked at mine and I was running 1.0 still. I just uninstalled it and downloaded the current version 1.4.2 and now that won’t even load. It shows the seizure warning screen then just closes out. so now, i have two apps that don’t work!

I did some more reading and followed an idea of cleaning out the roaming profile data. I went a step further and I uninstalled all TT apps and deleted all TT folders, rebooted my system, then reinstalled everything. I am really bummed because it wiped out an entire years worth of data that it was tracking in terms of energy usage and cost. Now it’s back at zero.
Anyways, everything appears to be running as it should right now. Hoping it stays. TT really needs to look at fixing how bad and unstable this app environment is. If they don’t my next Pc won’t use TT products because it’s just been one hassle after another.