What does the little "t" left of a layer name in the Timeline View

I have been working through the AnimatePro Tutorials but using them on Harmony. I’ve created a template for my character using the exact same procedure and everything has been the same up to a point. At the end of construction of my network I grouped my entire network and renamed just like the Animate Pro tutorials.

When I went to add Keyframes to the 1st Frame of my Full view and respective 3Q and Side views, I collapsed my MasterPeg as in the tutorial and added a keyframe. When I opened the Peg up however I noticed that unlike the tutorial, I only added a keyframe to the top master peg and nothing underneath. In looking closer, I noticed one small variation on my Harmony design vs the Animate Pro. Just left of the MASTER-PEG name on my design there is a small lower case t. On the AnimatePro tutorial, in the same location there is upper case L. I searched the doc’s and could not find any reference to a t. I have no idea what this means or for that matter, why my design would not let me add keyframes down the stack so to speak where it will on the Animate Pro.

This is a screenshot of the KR Example from AnimatePro

This is a screenshot of my Character done with Harmony

Oh and I found something else. The “Custom Icon” button in the Script Manger for Harmony does nothing, at least in OSX Lion 10.7.5. You click it and you are suppose to get a dialog box directing you to a folder/file icon but nothing happens. Does not matter if it is one of my scripts or ones that came with Harmony.

Thanks!Kinda, but I thought it strange also it does not appear to be documented anywhere.Ok, that was my problem. I was typing Cmd F6 (Insert Keyframe) and you were typing F6 (Insert Keyframe and duplicate drawing). If I just hit F6 that works. I missed that subtle point.You tutorials are worth their weight in gold. I’ve gone through just about all of them, many more than a few times but they really help in getting up to speed and understanding how it all works together. Many thanks.

Hi Lilly,Did you ever hear back on this? I’m running Lion, version 10.7.5. If I click on the change icon button in the script manager in Stand Alone Harmony all it does is blink the button but nothing happens. I should be prompted with a dialog box to pick a new icon but I am not.Phil

Hi Lilly,I am still looking for an answer to the problem of the icon replacement bug in OSX.Phil

To those running Harmony on OSX (and perhaps this bug is on windows too but I’ve not verified) I heard back from ToonBoom support and this is in fact a bug. It has been fixed for the next release but in the mean time there is a way around it."When you are ready to click on this Customize Icon… button, double-click on the script item in the list prior to clicking on the button.This will actually fix the bug."Many thanks to Francois who helped me on this. He’s saved my bacon more than a number of times.

I will double-check on the script icon for you.

As for the Harmony functionality, there have been some changes in the Timeline. The main difference here is that groups in Animate Pro would simply collapse by clicking on the triangle to the left. Groups in Harmony will collapse internally by clicking on the + to the right of the triangle, and then the triangle. So that additional item there is showing the contents of the group.

The “t” shows where every Multi-Port-In of a group is connected, if that makes any sense.

Either way, when you collapse with the +/-, or with the triangle, and you select a cell and hit F6, it should create a keyframe on every layer (I just tried this). Except if a layer is locked, but I can see from your screenshot that no layer is locked.

Did you collapse from the Master Peg, in your screenshot? Then selected the cell and hit F6?


We will shortly be releasing a service pack with some fixes for Harmony, so stay tuned for that.