What does Easy Flip do in Toon Boom Harmony Essentials 14

I recently upgraded my copy of Toon Boom Harmony Essentials 12 to the latest version. As I was reconfiguring my shortcuts, I noticed a new function called “Easy Flip”. I assigned a shortcut to the function, and as I tried to use it nothing happened. How do I use Easy Flip?

Did you have a project with animation open when you tried it?

…rapidly flip through drawings in the Drawing view just as you do with paper drawings. You can flip through the key, breakdown or in-between drawings individually, or view a combination.



No, the project was blank. I just tried the shortcut again on an animation I’m working on, and it worked. My only question now is, does Essentials have the flipping toolbar, or is it just exclusive to Advanced and Premium users?

Apparently the toolbar only exists in Advanced and Premium.

Paperless Animation Workflow is “Basic”

Advanced and Premium:


I see. Oh well, thank you for the response.