What choice do i make?

Hi All,

I’m new to this product and am deciding what version I want / need to get.

Features i’m looking for

deformations / bones / kinematics

auto lipsync

Is there any version of the product that does not offer these options?

Essentials is missing some of the things you are looking for. Advanced is missing a couple.

All three have have auto lipsync, bone and game deformers.

Premium has curve and envelope deformers and the inverse kinematics. The curve deformer is especially very very cool IMO. Premium also has the greatest flexibility with the node compositing system. There are things that just cannot be done in a linear layer system but can be accomplished in a system of linked modules. In Premium there are also a lot of extra useful effects that facilitate the process along with enhancing it.

You could trial each of them first.

Comparison Chart: