What are your animation essentials?

i just upgraded my tbs 3.5 to 4.0 and i would like to know what additional tools wether it be software or hardware or just your preference do you guys use to accomadate your animation style. i have a wiacom tablet, a macbook laptop, and a scanner, photoshop and yet i would like to know how others make succesful animations. please let me know i would greatly appreciate it.

Time, persistence and practice. I’m not sure who sells these but they are the most important add-ons you will need. If you have a good attitude and a desire to learn and the persistence to stay at it even when things get frustrating you can make good animation. You might enjoy reading this article:



HA! Great response.

Seriously, it sounds like you have all the hardware and software you could need (Toon Boom and a Wacom are the only requirements in my book).

Everything else is as JK says - practice and patience. Start small, ask lots of questions here, and you’ll find that the more you understand the process the more fun you’ll have.