what are the allowed rules for moving- drag and drop- layers ?


is it indicated in any part of an animate pro how are automaticalle grouped the layers? and what can be done and what can not be done?

that is because when one tries to drag some elements (layers) to another down position -for example over an reasdsboard, the layer becomes moved to a higher position!, that didnt happens if one tries to nove under readborrds layer. but also some layers beceomes moved together automatically.

and when one tries to separate 2 layers sometimes it can not be done.

and it becomes trustrating repeat and repeat the drag and drop trying to guess where one could move that layer, or creating a secondary layer, rename it, and copy the content of the first layer in order to get the orrect result.

or when one tries to move a lower level layer to the highest level layer, in drag and drop it is not allowed. having to do it in a reversal mode.

that means what is the rules of the logic of drag and drop in the lmenu in the left side (the one with the layers in the tiime line-)

so, where can I find how to use it correctly?
thanks a lot

There’s a short description of drag and drop in the User Guide. There’s not really much to say here on the subject - there are only really three things to keep in mind:1) dragging a layer between two other layers (you’ll see a light blue line as a preview showing you where you’re going to drop it) will insert that layer between those other layers2) dragging a layer on top of another layer (no light blue line preview) will make the layer you’re dragging a child of the other layer3) If you drag a layer that’s a child all the way to the bottom (beneath all other layers), it will unparent the child.Now I just did a test here on my end, and I had no problem dragging a layer to the top. You just have to be careful about where you drop it. It’s a lot harder to see the little light-blue line preview when you’re dragging to the very top, because the blue line is right below a black line, but if you look closely you should be able to see it and perform this operation. I’m not sure that you mean exactly when you say that you drag a layer down and the layer gets moved to a higher position. I haven’t seen this behaviour - perhaps you could include a screenshot?If you have a layer that is a parent with many children, when you move the parent, naturally the children will move with it. Perhaps this is the next behaviour you describe?~LillyToon Boom Support

Hi Lilly,mhm, then maybe it is a bug.yes, when I drop any line between those 2 layers, the horizontal blue line is displayed.when I say in a higher position - or higher level -I mean simply in a precedent row (higher row position), and in a lower position -or lower level- means simply lower row position. I am trying to move up and down some layers.Those files that I am working came from Storyboard pro, the reaadsboard exists, then try to import any image, it will be displayed under the Sbread -in a lower row position-, then try to move it over the SBread -in a upper row position-.The layers are not attached -no peg, no parent peg, no one inside another, both are at the same level, but tb links both layers, move one layer and both layer are moved in a kind of automatic grouping.In another case, when adding some layer to the end or near the end, it can not be moved up to the first position available after the sound layers, so I have to move down all those layers because the new layer can not be moved up.In some cases moving the layer that has images to a first´s row is not possible. so I have to create a new layer, move the frames, then delete the layer that was created when importing.that because the layer created when importing images gets stuck or grouped near the readsboard layer or similar.thanks ;D

I agree this may be a bug.I have big issues dropping a layer between 2 pegs. It just never wants to work. I have to move the peg layer to where i want afterwords.That is the only time i have issues.

Hi, this is another and different example when moving one layer causes unedesired results.In the first 2 images I am moving the layer “columnaizq” up, and the result is that the column goes very down, after a layer "piedraazul1"In the images 3 and 4, I am moving the precedent layers (the 3 before “columnaizq”, trying to get the same result by moving that 3 layers down after “columnaizq”), the result seems the same: the 3 layers goes very down, after the layer “piedraazul1”.In both cases the layers moves to the same very down layer: “piedraazul1”, so something is wrong , in a kind of attachment… 1)drag uphttp://www.em.edu.mx/tb/dragup.jpg2)drag up resulthttp://www.em.edu.mx/tb/dragupresult.jpg3)drag down http://www.em.edu.mx/tb/dragdown.jpg4)drag down resulthttp://www.em.edu.mx/tb/dragdownresult.jpgthanks :slight_smile:

parsenn1, you are working in Animate Pro, correct? Could you do me a favour and send me screenshots of the Network view before and after you do the drag? It does indeed seem as if something is going wrong in your scene.What I might have to have you do is send an email to support@toonboom.com and then attach your scene file so that we can take a look at it here.~LillyToon Boom Support

Hi Lilly,Yes, I am using animate pro.thas scene compressed has near 1GB, but as it is an often error I found a small and simple scene that has only 33 MB. and the same error appears when I try to drag a layer.do you have an ftp address where I could upload the file? -the limit of the attach file size that I have here is 10 mb…thanks a lot

Sorry for the late response - If you have not already done so, send an email to support@toonboom.com and they will set up an ftp site whereby you can drop off your project to take a look at.~LillyToon Boom Support