WHAT ARE K. B. I. ????????

HI. I am a beginner of Animate pro… and I am confused with K. B. I. which are under the Xsheet Tab. Can someone tell me please what are these buttons? Why it is used ? what are the purpose of these buttons? thank you


Those buttons are used to indicate which drawings are which.

(gathered from multiple sources)

In traditional hand-drawn animation a lead artist generates the beginning and end keyframes of a sequence (typically one second apart), a breakdown artist does the breakdowns (typically four frames apart), and an ‘in-betweener’ completes the rest.

"K " = Key Drawing: Important drawings describing positions in the action which define the starting and ending points of any smooth transition. Keys or a key poses are the main drawings in an animation sequence describing the motion. Key poses are the most important drawings or frames in a scene and are therefore done first. They are often the storytelling poses or most interesting or dramatic, but are also very important when doing highly complex or difficult scenes where a character needs to be in a certain position at certain points in time, or when doing lip-sync to get the intonation and points of emphasis. Used in the pose-to-pose animation technique they help the animator to “construct” the scene quickly and show the director an idea in rough form. It also makes it easier to pass on to an inbetweener to fill in the gaps and move the scene forward. The key poses are the main poses in an animation and the breakdowns are secondary poses helping to describe the motion.

"B " = Breakdown Drawing: A secondary animation drawing describing action generally found between two key poses. The breakdown drawing is an in-between drawing that next bests define the motion of the character or object. The key drawings define the motion and then the breakdown drawing solidifies this motion. The breakdown drawing is generally indicated by a longer stroke on the breakdown chart and you should always produce the breakdown drawing first.

In traditional animation, a breackdown drawing is an inbetwween that requires a special interpretation. That means, it does not have to be drawn exactly in the middle of two key drawings but it has to be drawn a bit like a key drawing…” ~nicolasé_16518

"I " = In-between Drawing: The drawings that are between the key poses. These are drawn to create fluid transitions between poses and include the breakdown drawings.

Drawing Identification: from the Animate Pro 3 User Guide

Toon Boom Glossary:

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The drawing concepts applied to a hand-drawn sequence:

How the annotations appear in a traditional animation environment:

The breakdown chart is the legend that appears top right or bottom right on each key frame. The breakdown chart tells the in-betweener where the in-betweens should be placed in relation to the key frames. It is a record of the spatial relationships of the in-betweens to the key frames. Some times animators may have one breakdown chart for different parts of the body if they are moving at different speeds.

Timing charts (also known as breakdown guides, in-betweening guides or telegraph poles) are used to show where the in-between images should be drawn. They are generally placed at the bottom of the key drawing and should relate to the drawings between that key and the next. They consist of a horizontal line with a vertical line at each end representing the key drawings. The breakdown (major in between) drawings are indicated by a vertical line with a couple of arcs between it and the key drawings. The remaining in-between drawings are represented by shorter vertical marks.https://books.google.com/books?id=WKp2Ki_HracC&pg=PA16&lpg=PA16&dq=key+drawing+breakdown+drawing+in-between+drawing&source=bl&ots=8HT1bgGJrQ&sig=OJJdW2gfyZ56wKhGkYK7qBxFpug&hl=en&sa=X&ei=a6PzVL2LL4mMsQTzqIH4Dw&ved=0CD8Q6AEwDA#v=onepage&q=key%20drawing%20breakdown%20drawing%20in-between%20drawing&f=false

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