What am I being charged for?

I used a free trial version of toon boom in the month of January through March but once the free trial was over in February, I use the student version afterwards until March,then I stopped using the program altogether. However on June eleventh I was charged seventeen dollars to my account for something from Toon Boom. I checked my profile to see if it was a student subscription and if I could cancel it but I didn’t find anything that suggested that it was from something I downloaded. What was the seventeen dollars for? How could I see what I’m paying for? Is there a way to stop it before this becomes a daily thing? Also is there a way for me to see if I actually downloaded anything?

I think that’s an issue you should take to Support.

Already posted a request and I need them to answer right away because if I keep being charged like this I’m going to overdraft.

You should be able to see on your Account in My Subscriptions if you have an ongoing subscription. You have to cancel it a couple of days before the renewal date to avoid being charged again. But I don’t know how the student subscription works, isn’t it similar? If it is, you will be charged every month (if it’s a monthly subscription) until you cancel it. When you say you stopped using the student subscription does it mean you did cancel it?

I’m sure Support will solve it for you.