what about make a Spanish thread?

Hi all,

I’m a spanish user of TBS. There’s a great hole for people who don’t know anything of english and want some help about this software. I’m translating some articles of JK to my language and posting them at my blog: http://jab.weblogs.us.

I think it would be great to make a Spanish thead at this forum. I can moderate it.

For more information, I’m teacher at a school of animation and degree of Fine Arts and Graphic Design.


Just start a thread in the Tutorials section of the forums and give it a name like “animación en español” the forum’s administrator will pin it so that it is always at the top of the list of threads and then we can all direct people to it and you can do the same from your blog. -JK

But it’ll be interesting make another threat for answering questions about TBS.


Just wanted to let you know I stickied the post in the tutorial section.