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I’m currently testing Digital Pro and was wondering what the differences are with Animate. Animate seems like a pretty comprehensive program from what I can see.

How does Animate compare with Toon Boom Studio? Will there be cross-grade pricing?

I’m VERY excited about this program. It feels like a step above Studio and a cheaper alternative to Digital Pro - which I didn’t feel quite yet ready for. This seems like exactly what I had been hoping for. The email from TB today is one of the most exciting emails I’ve gotten in quite a while. W00t!!! Of course, I don’t really know anything about it yet except for quickly reading through the information here. But I’m downloading the PLE and am looking forward to diving in and taking it for a spin. The price point feels right too in the sense that it’s something that’s reachable for a hobbyist and in today’s economies. If there is an upgrade path from Animate to Digital Pro then this is an absolutely perfect next step. So kudos to Toon Boom for listening to your users! ;D

Just wanted add chime in that a comparison to Toon Boom Studio and Digital Pro would be very helpful to evaluate a potential purchase ;D