Weiredest thing ever.

I am doing an animation for my university course where I just want the camera simply to go through the window of a house into a room. That part was ok and I had completed most of what I wanted to do so I saved and exited.
The next day when I reopened it the layers were amazingly screwed beyond belief and everything was all over the place. It is not so much just the drawing view but when I play it in camera view everything looks like it’s been mashed up and spat out but it still seems to export ok and when I click each individual layer they seem to be ok on their own but it is really hard to continue. It’s best if you see for yourself what I mean.

1. Now baring in mind this is suppose to look like a nice house in a street. It did before but look at it now:
2.But when I click on a layer the layer seems to appear ok:
3.And check out the grid on the drawing view:

But then it exports fine, so does anybody have any ideas as to whats going and how to fix it? My only hope is that it will be ok when i get it onto a universtiy computer but in the mean time I would like to finish it off without it looking like a tornado has hit it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Seanf2,

Would it be possible to know which renderer you are currently using. You can get that information in the preferences (Edit>Preferences) under the Display tab. If it is Direct3D try to switch it to OpenGL and restart the application afterward.

This behavior has been reported with some video card having problem supporting some of DirectX feature. Could you also tell us your video card model?

Thank you,