Weird Windows 7 problem with Animate

While working in Windows 7, doing hand drawn animation in Animate, it will sometimes, without warning, seemingly for no reason, crash the program. On Vista and XP it would sometimes just give a moment of pause and then continue on, but 7 seems to crash the program.
Is it a setting within Windows 7 I could change? Is it an unexpected bug in Animate on the new platform?

My graphics card is an Intel GMA 4500 if that helps.

I hope someone replies to this cause I have Windows7 and getting ready to buy Animate.

Question do you have animate Pro or non-pro?, and have you tried running it in a different compatability mode? or maybe run as administrator just to see if it makes any difference?

A lot of programs are not yet compatible with Windows 7. I was interested in updating from Vista, and fortunately there is a tool from Windows that you can download to verify if the programs you are presently using are compatible or supported under Windows 7 and when I launched the test it came back telling me basically that none of the Toon Boom products were supported under Windows 7. The fact that you can use and operate Animate on Windows 7 is good news. The fact that it crashes, well, what did you expect? it’s a brand new Windows OS… It’s SUPPOSED to crash the first year or so, until they polish up the bugs… :wink:

I’m on windows 7 but have not experienced any application crashes…you may be experiencing hardware related issues.

I’m running windows 7
dual core intel, nvidia grphics with 512mb dedicated memory, 4 gigs of ram
and extending desktop (laptop and cintiq 12X).

Look at the application log in your user temp directory to see what the errors are that causes your crashes.

Usually the best thing to do if you’re getting repeatable crashes is to contact the support department. In most cases the programs are working in Windows 7. The problems that you’re having with crashing could be related to a variety of different issues - memory overload being the most common.

Your problem most likely is the video card. The Intel GMA 4500 is onboard video and not recommend for use with applications that heavily rely on video card resources. Compared to dedicated video cards the Intel GMA 4500 aren’t connected to the motherboard through a high speed bus like PCI Express 2.0, don’t have dedicated memory with high speed memory buses and takes memory from your main memory RAM, and doesn’t anyway the graphics horse power. Animate & Pro make use of openGL and while the Intel GMA 4500 does support it( in an update) its not very good at it.

My suggestion to you would be to get a dedicated PCI-Express 2.0 video card from Nvidia or ATI. I would strongly suggest an Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT.

Sorry for all the techie talk!

EDIT: Another problem might be you have outdated drivers for the video card. Make sure you have the latest drivers ones available.

I’m experiancing the same problem. I’m also running windows seven and I have a geoforce 8800 gt video card. I updated the driver but it has made no differance. >:(

Turns out that using the pencil tool for my rough animation was causing animate to crash.
As soon as I switched to the brush tool the program worked perfectly.

could be the same issue as on the macs (see the link).
and it was supposed to be patched…;action=display;threadid=917