Weird Storyboard import into Animate Pro 2.

Hi, I’ve recently gotten Animate Pro 2, and I’ve been working on Storyboard Pro a bit (this is an old version my school has, so I’m kind of familiar with it). When importing to Animate Pro 2 (I have to load a .digital file), it only shows one layer which looks like this:

It says ReadSBoard, which I’m guessing Animate Pro 2 is only reading the scene rather than giving me full access to edit it.

I have absolutely no idea what to do, please help!!

Most likely the Storyboard “scene” is a reference bitmap
which is why you can’t change it.

If you need to see it for reference make it transparent.
Do you have any experience using Animate Pro 2?
What is your goal in exporting from SBP to Animate Pro?