Weird shaking backgrounds when zooming in

A strange effect happens when I zoom in with the camera on certain backgrounds in my cartoon. They shimmer and shake. The backgrounds are pngs that have been imported and vectorized, and in some cases there is only one image. When I move the camera in on it, the background shakes.

Any ideas on why this happens, or a possible fix?

The usual cause of that problem is a combination of trying to make too large of a field change and doing it too quickly. Simple stated you are trying to make too big of a zoom move in too few frames. Either dramatically reduce the amount of zooming or spread the zoom out across more frames to slow it down and decrease the rate of change between frames. Start out by multiplying the number of frames you are currently using for the zoom movement and multiply it by 10 times. IE. go from 30 to 300 or 50 to 500 etc. -JK

Thanks JK, I’ll give it a shot.


You may also want to check in the function editor of the peg of your camera. If for some reason the velocity reach 100% before the end of the motion you may experience weird shakes in the camera. In such case make sure to drop down some of the points on the path so the curve is ascending from 0 to 100%



Thanks for tip.