weird screen res bug


ive got a weird recurring “feature” in TBS 4.

When im in either drawing or camera view, the element im working with often displays very poorly. (weird colours from underneath layer, big diagonal lines across the screen, missing fills etc etc)

The element isnt damaged or anything, it just displays badly, to the point where i cant trust the working view if i need to check anything (i need to render the whole thing just to accurately check the placement of an element in 1 frame).

Im running

win XP pro
service pack 2
intell CPU 6400 @ 2.13 GHz
2 GB ram

toon boom file is only a file that im drawing elements in for my library, so it barely has anything in it @ the moment - so i dont think file size is the problem

Ive got screen shots of the issue if that helps



What video card do you have on your machine. Display issues are usually related to either video card drivers or wrong renderer being used with your video card. You may want to upgrade the card drivers and change the renderer by going to Edit>Preferences>Display tab and change it from Direct3D to OpenGL (or the other way around).

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yep - thats exactly the same answer someone else discovered. problem solved now

so… thanks for the advice (once again) even tho in this the case the answer came from a different source.